Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Saskatoon, Sakatchewan located?

Saskatoon is located in Central Saskatchewan.

Where will we be staying?

We will be staying in the center of Down Town Saskatoon.

What airport do I fly into?

You will be able to fly directly into the Saskatoon International Airport.

How do I book a hunt?

You will need to put down a deposit of half of total payment to reserve your hunt dates.

Do I need to bring my own shotgun shells?

Shells are provided for hunters who have chosen our all-inclusive package and are for sale to hunters who have chosen other packages. Feel free to bring your own shells, but be sure to check with the airlines for legal restrictions and limitations.

Will a D.U.I. or other convictions cause problems with my entry into Canada?

Please contact S.W.O. and your nearest Canadian embassy, or consulate with your record and situation to ensure customs clearance into Canada.

What are the bag limits in Saskatchewan, Canada?

Daily bag limits:

  • 8 Canada's which only 4 can be Speckelbellies
  • 8 Ducks which 4 can be Pintails
  • 20 Snow Geese
  • 5 Sand Hill cranes

Your possession limit is now three times your daily bag!

Is my dog welcome to come on my hunt?

Please note Dog Policies and Procedures involved.

Do you accommodate youth hunters and if so what’s the age limit?

Yes, they must be at least 12 years of age, accompanied by a guardian, hold a valid hunters education course license and they will need a passport.

What time of year is your season?

We start from the first of September to the first of November. Depending on what you want to shoot will determine when you need to come up.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you do need a passport to enter into Canada.

Do I have to rent a vehicle?

Rental vehicles are optional but not required to hunters who have chosen the all-inclusive package, however, a rental vehicle is necessary for hunters who have chosen other packages. If you plan to do any sightseeing or personal trips to town you will need your own vehicle.

Will we be hunting over water?

On occasion, but a field hunt will be our first priority.

Is it difficult to get my gun into Canada?

No, with the proper documents it's quite easy. It will just cost a small fee of around $25.00 CAD.

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